Exploring the space between Dreaming and Doing so that men and women can live a life fulfilled


Welcome, however, you managed to find yourself on this website reading my words and considering the thoughts they provoke I want to thank you.   

Creating a website to house the different recourses of which I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences for the foreseeable future has been on my mind for many years now.   

The process of taking ideas or thoughts and transmuting them into reality has captivated me ever since Rush Club, an event I created and failed at despite its expected success.  

I am no guru, I know I am not unique, and I still Fuck up, daily! 

As a matter of fact, at the time of the creation of this website (Mothers Day 2019) I am in an open bankruptcy, our rental is being sold, and we have nowhere to go, and I closed up two businesses that my identity was attached to.   

Also at the time of this writing, I am happier, healthier, and more focused than I have ever felt in my entire life. My relationship with my children and my wife has become my most valuable teacher and am earning more money than I have over the past 7 years.

I am clear that why I "know" today quite possibly can change tomorrow. I am committed to not "Knowing" so that I may always be open to growth.

The work I have been doing on myself is paying off, and it's evident in the way I see the lessons in my failures.  

Some of what I am sharing are original ideas, most of what I am sharing is an accumulation of knowledge and experience from my mentors, coaches, plant medicines (Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis, etc.) and significant failures (learning experiences).   

At the very least if what I share makes an impact on you, then please realize there is no magic or secret. I simply may be a few years ahead of you in practice of what my guests and I are sharing here. Most of my guests will be a few/many years ahead of me.   

I am not claiming to be an expert, I simply invite you to join me on the journey of exploring the space between the Dream and the realization of that Dream. The accomplishment of any vision will be in the Doing. 

Just like my hesitation to get this podcast started and the self-judgment that I do not have the right to do so, I invite you to push back against that damning internal dialog we all have and TAKE ACTION!!


The Conversation



What are you holding back from because you are afraid of failure?

What would your life look like if you saw failure as an opportunity to learn rather than a threat to your ego? 

What if I told you vulnerability is the key to overcoming fear of failure?



Taking Action is the most important part of achieving any Dream. 

With out action a Dream is just a Dream.

Your Action is what will transmute the vision/Dream into reality. 

Notice how knowing the actions to take doesn't mean we will Do it, Why?

This is the space between Dreaming and Doing that I have been exploring!


New Identity

In order to live a life you have never had, you must be willing to Do things you have never done. 

This will require developing a new identity. 

There are 4 stages of identity transformation to be aware of.

1. Excited and clueless 

2. Failure and learning 

3. Commitment and Awareness 

4. New Identity 

My personal declaration


I am blessed and personally connected to the God of my understanding

I am free to discover to be understanding and to be open

I am pure of heart and I care

I am a committed and devoted father and I encourage my children growth through failure

I am a world class lover to my wife and I am in tune with her love language

I am authentically me

I am pure love

I am vulnerable, fearless, courageous, and Powerful 

I am a master of my time

I am brilliant and I am humble

I am a visionary 

I am a leader 

I am the light

I am the distinction success

I am that I experience no problems

I am rich with my relationship, my faith, and money

I am God's greatest creation and I recognize the meaning of being a son of God

My name given to me by my parents is AJ Richards

Dress rehearsal before Rush Club

Dress rehearsal before Rush Club


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