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Do you struggle with weight loss? 

Do you feel like you have tried every program on the market? 

Many of the people I have worked with have tried 12+ different weight loss programs.

Some of them even work....Temporarily. 

I get how frustrating it can be to be on this roller-coaster. Sometimes you probably even feel like you're just not someone that can lose weight. Like your body type is what it is and you should just get used to it. 

Most, if not all weight loss programs out there want to sell you on some idea that weight loss comes from some special diet or exercise. 

You will hear things like "If you follow our proven method you will lose weight".

Or our special way to count your macros, cycle your carbs, drink this shake, take this supplement ..... GAAAAAAA "Where do I even start and who do I trust."

Would you believe me if I told you that none of that really matters?

Yes, eating good foods in the right proportions and exercising is necessary. 

What isn't necessary is all the hype and "exclusive" or "Special" programs being pushed by a celebrity or Instafamous endorsements.

The exercise and nutrition program that works is the one that you are actually willing to do.

Weight loss is a byproduct of the important areas of your life working. The areas that are causing you stress that leads to the behaviors that cause weight gain or unhealthy habits. 

 Approaching weight loss from a whole life perspective creates lasting Transformation and when I say lasting I mean forever!

As an added bonus of taking this whole life approach, you may find a restored relationship that was once strained or healing from past life experiences that caused emotional strain. 

These are the transformations that last a lifetime!


The process


Service before commitment

I get a tremendous amount of purpose in my life in serving others and watching them succeed. I start with a free 1 hour "Be with" session to get to know you and to serve you. This is a true coaching session in which I show up to serve you however I can. We may find that all you needed was someone to genuinely listen to you to get you back on track and our time together would end there.  Or maybe after our time together you see the value in someone committed to your complete success and you chooses to continue a structured coaching agreement with me for a longer period of time.


Facebook Live coaching Free

Free Facebook live lead by me to discuss distinctions in life that would have been more valuable in school than algebra. Understanding how to better communicate with my loved ones and people I work with and how my thoughts either limit or enhance my life would have served me better long term than certain mathematical equations. 

We will cover topics like Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) Imposter syndrome, Vulnerability, Courage, The stories we make up from certain life situations and how they affect us. It's a long list and each week we discuss something new. 

Please understand that this is real coaching. I will be discussing the exact conversations I have with the people who pay me for service. The only difference is you will be personally accountable to making what we discuss a reality in your life. 

For access follow Dream Big Play Bigger on FB and then send me a message requesting access to the private FB group.  


1-1 coaching and zoom calls $399 per month

Perhaps this is the time you go all-in on yourself and investing in someone whose sole purpose is to help you see the blind spots that keep you stuck makes sense to you. You and I will spend 1 hour per week on a private zoom call where I will be there to bring clarity to anything that is holding you back. 

My role is to be a coach that holds you accountable and sees you for your greatest self. I tell my clients from day one that I already love you unconditionally, I hold a space for your that has no expectations other than being with you.


From this space, you are free to be courageous and vulnerable knowing that we can create miracles together. You do not hire me to believe in you, you hire me to help you believe in you! 

In addition to our 1-1 calls, you will join the small groups on our weekly "Life as it is" calls. Here you will have an opportunity to continue your growth through listening to what others are experiencing and sharing your breakthroughs where appropriate. 

Part of the 1-1 coaching is to have guidance on nutrition and exercise. I use a variety of different apps and programs to help you find what works best for you. As I mentioned earlier the program that works is the one that you are willing to do. We will explore the wide variate of programs available to find the best fit for you.

Contact Me

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Dream Big Play Bigger Podcast

Purpose of the Podcast

 On this podcast, I will be exploring the space between our Dreams and our actions so that we may live a life fulfilled! 

As a professional weight loss and transformation coach, I will be sharing what I have learned and where I coach from. 

I am committed to the idea that I am always learning and can always develop myself so that I may continue to add value to others. 

I will be open about all my experiences, I chose vulnerability so that others may find connection. 

I will interview interesting people who have played a big game and are finding true balance in their lives. People who are in alignment with their spirituality, their relationships, their health, and their finances. 

Suggest possible guests and if you have a personal connection I would appreciate an introduction. 


Dream Big Play Bigger podcast is hosted on Heroes Media Group because I believe in their cause. When I was struggling to cope with not being a soldier any longer I had to learn how to discover a new identity. I want to help other veterans discover their new identity as well. The main narrative is that veterans are broken and dangerous. This is simply not true. There are more veterans living happy productive lives than are not. I want to help change that narrative because I believe the narrative is why many are stuck. Partnering with HMG will help make that a reality.